Garra Fish Pedicure

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Garra Rufa FishAt Sunkissed Studio you will experience the latest and best pedicure treatment in a friendly and relaxing environment. The Garra experience is available for the whole family, young and old. Just choose the duration of your treatment, sit back and enjoy!


Garra Rufa Fish
The Garra Rufa Fish (or Doctor Fish) are a unique freshwater fish that eradicate and rejuvenate dead skin naturally and gently. Originally found in the pools of a hot spring in a small town in Turkey over 200 years ago, these amazing fish are beneficial in battling skin diseases, muscle trauma and joint disease.

The Treatment
Once your feet have been sanitised using hot towels and inspected by our trained staff. You will then be given clean flip flops to wear so your feet are 100% clean before they meet our miniature pedicurists! But rest assured, the fish have no teeth! Once you place your feet into the filtered tanks, the fish start to naturally and gently remove hard skin and calluses from your feet, promoting a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity. When your time is up, you’ll be given disposable towels to dry your feet and foot lotion to complete your treatment.


10 for 15 minutes.

18 for 30 minutes.