Spray Tanning

Sunkissed Studio offer high quality spray tanning by fully qualified technicians.

We achieve a truly bronzed look with this duo tanning Salon spray system. Containing the latest innovation in tanning technology, the second tanning agent helps to create a more natural even looking tan.

The fast drying formula can be airbrushed onto the skin in minutes from salon spraying equipment. This tinted spray lotion will instantly bronze your skin, developing over 2-6 hours and can last for up to 7 days.

Guidelines for a better and longer lasting Spray Tan.

We would like all our clients to get the most out of their spray tan. So please follow these guidelines to help us achieve this.

Prior to having the Spray, you need to shower and exfoliate. Do not use moisturisers or deodorants on your body.


Wear loose items. For the actual spray, panties, a thong or even an old bikini, a bra if you want, but please be aware the spray may stain your clothing.


The Spray takes about 20 minutes.

After Spray.

Once dry, clothing can be put back on. If you have not worn a bra whilst being sprayed then please leave it off, if possible, as this could cause lines on the shoulder and back area.

After Care.

Leave to develop for at least 8 hours. When showering use a simple shower gel. Apply using your hands in a circular motion over your body. This will stop streaking. You can also use a tinted moisturiser after showering as this will prolong your tan, especially in areas that are prone to wear marks.

Look after you Spray Tan and it will Last Longer!!!